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Prof. Scaria Zacharia was a strong supporter of free and open sharing of knowledge. In furtherance to his vision of increasing access to knowledge, we have initiated a digitisation project for all his published works. At a later stage, we also hope to digitise his unpublished manuscripts. 

The announcement of the digitisation project can be accessed from this link

This digitisation project is initiated with the support of the Indic Digital Archive Foundation.  All the works that have been digitised so far are currently made available as a special collection on Granthappura (ഗ്രന്ഥപ്പുര) website.  In the next couple of weeks/ months, we intend to cover all his published works. As this is an ongoing project, please visit the Granthappura (ഗ്രന്ഥപ്പുര) website for the current status of the digitisation project.  


If you find any article or other works of Prof. Scaria Zacharia that should be added to the digitisation project, please send a copy of the work by email to arulgs(at)

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