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Herman Gundert: Ennum Prabala matiman, Malayala Manorama, February 2014


Introduction to the book Mathukkuttiyum Kuttarum (Short story collection) by Beebi, National Book Stall, Kottayam, 2012

Malayalam and Foreign Connections in Kerala Cultural Studies, Ed. by Panmana Ramachandran Nair, Current Books, 2011.

Introduction to the book Ancient Folk Songs of Nazrani’s (St.Thomas Christians): Folkloristic Study by Dr Deepa, National Book Stall, Kottayam, 2011.

Introduction to the book Bengali Novels in Malayalam - Theory and Practice of Translation Studies by Dr Jaya, D C Books, Kottayam, 2011.

Humanism and Judaism in Sreenarayana Guru and Humanism, ed. by T. Bhaskaran, Sivagiri, Varkkala, 2010.

Roots/Routes of Malayalam Studies in Bhasha-Naveena Patanavazhikal, U.C. College, Alwaye, 2010.


Book review - Francis Ittikora, Thapasam 2009 July - 2010 April

History, Memory and Memorials in Zukunft in Gedenken,  Ed. Albrecht Frenz and Stefan Frenz Stuttgart, Germany, 2007.

The Youthful face of Malayalam Literary Criticism, Review of P.K. Rajasekharan’s book Ekanta Nagarangal, Mathrubhumi weekly, Jan.14, 2007.

Comparative Literature and Narratology, Comparative Literature-New Perspectives, K. M. George Centre, State Institute of Languages, 2006.

Buddhist Traditions of Kerala through Folklore (Preface of the book by Dr. Aju Narayanan), Association for Comparative Studies, 2005.

Jewish Malayalam Folk Songs,  in International Journal of Dravidian Linguistics Vol. XXXIV  No.2, p.209-223.  June 2005.

Possibilities of understanding Jewish Malayalam Folk songs. In: The Journal of Indo-Judaic Studies 6:29-47,2003.

Jewish Malayalam. In: Jewish Language Research Website, 2003. http//

A critical Review of Malayalam Thesaurus (D C Books, Kottayam, 2002) in Varthamanam Azchappathippu, Kozhikkodu, April 27, 2003.

Sidhartha - Reading from an Indian point of view,  Hesse Centenary Publication, City Council of Calw, Germany, 2002.

Muttathu Varkey's influence on contemporary Malayalam Culture, Samskarika Vikaram, November 2002.

Story, Ecology and Culture, Critical Review of the study Kathayum Paristhityum (Story and Ecology), India Today Nov. 29, 2000.

Missionary Malayalam Prose, Malayala Bhasa Charithram Ed. Dr. S. V. Venugopalan Nair, Malu Ben Publications, Trivandrum, 2000.

Migration and Malayalam Literature, Kerala Sahitya Academy, Trichur, February 2000.

Christian Contribution to Education in Kerala, Mathrubhumi Christmas Supplement, 1999.

Tumultous Dance of Writing, Critical Review of M. Mukundan's Novel Kesavante Vilapangal, India Today,  Nov. 10, 1999.

Colonization and Decolonization in the Readings of Mahabharata, 500 Years of Kerala, ACS, Kottayam 1999.

The experiential milieue of  the Bible, Granthalokam 1998.

Tuebingen  Heritage  as  Reflected  in  the  Dictionaries  of  Gundert  and  Kittel, A Dictionary with A Mission (Ed. William Madtha, Heider Brueckner....) KATHRI, Mangalore 1998.

Graphemic  Analysis  and  Script  Reformation  in  Malayalam,  on  Writing, Central Institute of Indian Languages, Mysore, 1997.

Contemporary Theories in Translation Studies, Tarjama Siddantavum Prayogavum, ACS, Kottayam, 1997.

Carnival Laughter - A critical study of God of Small Things, Arundhadhi Roy Ed. Jomy Thomas, Mulberry Books, 1997.

Arnos and Gundert as Malayalam Lexicographers, Arnos Pathiri - A Study, Arnos Bhavan, Velur, 1995.

Tolerance in Malayalam Literature, Tolerance in Indian Literature,  University of Madras 1995.

Bible and Contemporary Malayalam Literature, Bhaasha Poshini, Kottayam. Vol.17, 1994.

Grosses Echo auf die Hermann Gundert Gedenkveranstaltungen, Dialogu der kultren, Suddeutche Verlagsgesellschaft, Ulm, 1993.

Ithihasa  und  Epic-eine  Verglechende  Untersuchung  in  Hermann Gundert: Bruecke Zwischen Indien und Europa, Suddeutsche Verlagsgesellshaft, Ulm, 1993.

Hermann Gundert in Kerala and Germany, Sahithyalokam, Trichur, Sept.- Oct., 1992.

Hermann Gundert and His Grandson Hermann Hesse, Deepika Annual, Kottayam,
September, 1992.

Hermann Gundert and People of Kerala, Chintha Annual, Trivandrum, Sept. 1992.

Ithihasa  and  Epic,  A Contrastive  Analysis,  Comparative Literature,  Academic Review, June, 1991.

It is the book or the reader that is Dying? A Study of the crisis in book publishing and reading habits with special reference to Kerala, S. B. High School Centenary Souvenir, 1991.


Radiance of Malayalam Short Stories, Bhaasha Poshini, Vol.15. 4,1991, Kottayam.

Lightnings  of  Consciousness,  Critical  study  of  C. Radhakrishnan's  novel 'Munpe Parakkunna Pakshikal', Bhaasha Poshini, Vol.14.2, 1990, Kottayam.

Malayalam Short Story Today, Bhaasha Poshini, Vol.14.2, 1990, Kottayam.

Caste, Religion and Ideology in Literature, Bhaasha Poshini, Vol.13.5, 1990, Kottayam.

Muttathu Varkey's Vision of Life in his Novels, Deepika Annual 1989, Kottayam.

Christ in the Cultural Evolution of Kerala, CSC Bulletin No.2, July 1989, Universityof Kerala.

Muttathu Varkey's Vision of Life in his Novels, Deepika Annual 1989, Kottayam.

The First Malayalam Novel, Novel Studies, The Malayalee Club, Madras, 1989.

Milan Documents. This is an annotated edition of two precious missionary Malayalam documents (1632, 1635) kept in Milan archives, Italy, 1989.

Christians in  Kerala,  Malayalam Encyclopedia,  Vol.VIII, State Institute  of Encyclopedia, 1988.

Three articles on the First Novel in Malayalam, Malayala Manorama Sunday Supplement (Literary Column) 1988.

Social History of Kerala Christians, Mathrubhoomi Daily, Feb.6, 1986.

A Critical Introduction to the Selected Short Stories 1985, DC Books, Kottayam


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